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Soooo... :iconelphaba-fang: and I went to see the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie yesterday and...

We loved it. 

We went in with certain expectations; humor, action and fun characters being fun and we were not disappointed. In fact, it was better than expected.

No spoilers but...

1-The ANIMATION is incredible. The way they utilized the motion capture suits was unbelievable and, as an artist, I loved watching the effect. Each turtle looks unique and you can see the actors in the final result, so super cool.

2-Megan Fox wasn't too bad. She was pretty spot on and I enjoyed her performance. Not a fan of hers so that was a relief. Having the other main human character be Will Arnett helped too. 

3-The action scenes were fast paced, well thought out and really fun to watch. In particular there's this car chase scene on a mountain and... Well, go see it.

4-The man playing Shredder was creepy, intimidating and spoke in Japanese for most of the film. Splinter had a kick-shell fight scene and a great sense of humor, although I had trouble taking their choice to use Tony Shalhoub seriously. 

5-In the course of the movie they make so many in-jokes and references to the other parts of the franchises that fans will freak out over while not alienating the new viewers and they were super funny.

6-The characterization. This gets it's own section because this was the most spot on version since... Well, since the 2003 series. I wasn't expecting them to be so perfect and it made the movie so much more fun to see the chemistry and interplay work so well. Again, no spoilers but...
  • Leo: Leo is darling. I know I'm biased, but guys, he's not the center of attention, not a bossy jerk and just-AGUGUGH! He takes control of scenes in a calm way and handles his brothers well and there is NO RAPH/LEO ANGST! They completely ignored it, they bicker a little but for the most part they act like best friends and this was so refreshing! Leo's not overbearing and good at leading and cute at the same time. And he calls Splinter 'Dad'; THAT was perfect.
  • Raph: Raph's a bit of an emotional teddy-bear and I like that. He's angry and rebellious and in character but he's also so devoted to his family and puts them first. It's the first time his voice actually sounds like a teen and his interactions with all the characters seem perfect. There's a line near the end-But no spoilers. He's also not the complete center of attention; fairly important but not overwhelmingly so. 
  • Donnie: I have to make sure you're aware, :iconteswan: , that HE IS PERFECT! He goes from boss to dork within seconds and everything about him is so funny and he's adorable and has great lines and so stupidly nerdy but BA as well. I love that he's by far one of the most well done characters, I think it's revenge for being snubbed in previous movies. He's so funny!
  • Mikey: This little sassball steals the entire movie every time he opens his mouth. I don't know if I should be thanking the actor or the writers or what, but he was spectacular. In past versions I've been driven crazy by the use of Mike as a tension breaker or vehicle for weird out of place humor but in this he's the perfect angst buffer and the jokes are VERY funny. So are the reactions of the people around him...
In the end, ignore the haters and go see it if you can. If not, at least rent it later because it's a great way to relive your childhood or get into the franchise. This was a great movie and can't wait for the DVD release. 
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